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Leo C. Stein

Q&A with Leo Stein, Black Hole Researcher

Leo C. Stein, assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronom

This simulation depicts two merging black holes, each about 30 solar masses. This is approximately what a person would see if they could travel in spaceship to take a closer look at merging black holes.

Making Better Predictions of Black Hole Smash-Ups

Caltech, UM physicists use supercomputers and AI to create most accurate model of stellar mergers JANUARY 30, 2019 BY WHITNEY CLAVIN/CALTECH STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS One of the most cataclysmic events to occur in the cosmos involves the collision of two black holes. Formed from the deathly collapse of massive stars, black holes are incredibly compact – […]

Neutron stars – pictured in this artist’s illustration of two merging neutron stars – are among the phenomena to be studied at the new UM Center for Multi-messenger Astrophysics. The narrow beam represents the gamma-ray burst, and the rippling spacetime grid indicates the isotropic gravitational waves that characterize the merger. Swirling clouds of materials ejected from the collision are a possible source of the light that was seen at lower energies. Graphic courtesy National Science Foundation/LIGO/Sonoma State University

UM Establishes Center for Researching Multi-messenger Astrophysics

Emergent scientific field arose from discovery of gravitational waves NOVEMBER 15, 2018 BY SHEA STEWART Riding a new frontier of scientific discovery into gravitational waves, the University of Mississippi is now home to the Center for Multi-messenger Astrophysics. The center was launched Nov. 1 after the center’s creation was approved by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning […]

An Oxford Elementary School student lies on a bed of nails as a volunteer places a weight on her while other Spooky Physics Night participants observe. Photo by Nathan Latil

Fun, Frights and Food Set for Annual ‘Spooky Physics’ Night

UM Department of Physics and Astronomy hosts hands-on event Oct. 26 OCTOBER 19, 2018 BY EDWIN B. SMITH New frights and fresh takes on old delights are the order of the evening when the University of Mississippi Department of Physics and Astronomy presents “Spooky Physics Demonstrations” from 7 to 9 p.m. Oct. 26 in Lewis […]

Versatility of Wheat in Cooking Topic for October Science Cafe

OCTOBER 16, 2018 BY STAFF REPORT University of Mississippi professor Susan Pedigo will lead a program Oct. 16 examining “The Versatility of Wheat in Cooking” at this month’s Science Cafe. Pedigo, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry, will speak on the subject at 6 p.m. at Uptown Coffee. The event is free and open to […]

Josh Gladden Appointed to Top Research Position at UM

Vice chancellor role oversees Office of Research and Sponsored Programs OCTOBER 2, 2018 BY SHEA STEWART Josh Gladden has been named vice chancellor for the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at the University of Mississippi following a nationwide search. The vice chancellor serves as the university’s chief research officer. Gladden, who joined the university in July 2005 as […]

Jennifer Meyer, a visiting assistant professor of physics and astronomy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will discuss the discovery if liquid water on one of Saturn’s moons Sept. 18 at Uptown Coffee.

Moon of Saturn Topic for First Science Cafe of Fall Semester

Visiting professor Jennifer Meyer discusses tides, oceans and the possibility of life on Enceladus SEPTEMBER 13, 2018 BY EDWIN B. SMITH The surprising discovery of liquid water on one of Saturn’s moons is the topic for a monthly public science forum organized by the University of Mississippi Department of Physics and Astronomy. The fall semester’s […]

Marco Cavaglia, a UM professor of physics and astronomy, spends his spring break educating Mississippi high school students about physics as part of a Global Teaching Project program. Ph

Students Study Physics During Spring Break Visit

Project prepares high school students for AP Physics APRIL 4, 2018 BY SHEA STEWART It was probably the first time Yung Bleu’s hip-hop had been used to teach physics. Yet, in Marco Cavaglià’s University of Mississippi classroom during spring break, the artist’s music played, causing the electronic waves of an oscilloscope to bounce and jiggle with the […]

Students view Barlow’s Planetarium while on display at the UM Museum. Photo by Robert Jordan

UM Museum Named to ’51 Most Astounding University Museums’

Facility in national spotlight for fourth time in five years AUGUST 8, 2018 BY STAFF REPORT The University of Mississippi Museum and its extensive collection of art, scientific equipment and Greek and Roman antiquities are in the national spotlight once again, this time being named to EdSmart’s list of “51 Most Astounding University Museums.” The […]

A 3-D model of Maryam Landi’s speaker-enhancement design. Photo by Nathan Towery

Alumna Develops New Miniature Speaker Structure for Enhanced Sound

JULY 24, 2018 By NATHAN TOWRY for the University of Mississippi Graduate School Summer 2018 Newsletter A lot of speaker designs in the world yield powerful, high-quality sound but fail to deliver when the speaker is miniaturized. This is because no one has figured out the physics behind doing so — until now. University of […]